When Was the Last Time You Took a Summer Vacation? Ruben Digital

When Was the Last Time You Took a Summer Vacation?

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Hello August! What a fun, fast summer this has been… The RD team recently returned from our well-deserved vacations. We’re all happy to report feeling grateful and recharged! It was important for us to all find time to reconnect with ourselves, loved ones and nature — while also recognizing everything we accomplished in these past 17 crazy…
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Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us!

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🥳 February is a special month at Ruben Digital. In addition to honoring Black History and raising awareness for American Heart Health, our team loves celebrating Kindness Month! Between the combination of maintaining physical social distance from our loved ones and the many other reasons our country has been divided, this past year has presented…
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Get Grounded with the Ruben Digital Team - Ruben Digital

Get Grounded with Ruben Digital

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“We long for unity, but are unwilling to pay the price. But of course, true unity cannot be so easily won. It starts with a change in attitudes – a broadening of our minds, and a broadening of our hearts.” President Barack Obama Today it seems as if a line has been drawn in America,…
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Things are Falling into Place at Ruben Digital

Things are Falling into Place at RD…

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A new season is upon us! While there is much chaos in our country, it’s important to also recognize the good things that are happening… 🎊 Nate’s Big Announcement 🎊 “On September 15th, I had the privilege of marrying Te’Asia – the greatest joy in my life! I am blessed with excellent family support and…
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Thank you for six incredible years - Ruben Digital celebrates six year anniversary

Ruben Digital Celebrates Six Years!

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Our 6-year journey and what we are contemplating in year seven! Last night my phone died before I went to sleep. I had a choice to make; put the phone on the charger overnight, or go to sleep and charge it in the morning. I chose the latter, and I am ever grateful for this…
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RD's Pandemic Positivity Top 10 List! Ruben Digital

RD’s Pandemic Positivity Top 10 List!

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How Are You *Really* Doing? This is a good time to take a minute and truly ask yourself how you’re feeling, physically and emotionally. It’s important to acknowledge that everyone’s quarantine experience and feelings about it may be different – and that’s ok! It’s not a competition or a comparison. Do what feels right to…
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A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

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With our world on edge and people anxious as ever, below are a few helpful tips and resources I thought I’d share with our clients and extended network: 1. Slow Down and Handle Tasks One at a Time Many people and business are currently in uncharted waters with the ongoing world health pandemic. It’s important to…
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G.E.T.M.O: The Secret to Effective Leadership...

G.E.T.M.O: The Secret to Effective Leadership…

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You might be wondering: What is “G.E.T.M.O.”? Good Enough To Move On Michelle attended The Global Leadership Summit 2019 in August. The co-founder of this inspirational conference, Craig Groeschel, spoke about how business leaders have the ability to bend the curve and step into more effective leadership. Wisdom, humor and useful tools were shared to…
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