Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us!

🥳 February is a special month at Ruben Digital. In addition to honoring Black History and raising awareness for American Heart Health, our team loves celebrating Kindness Month!
Between the combination of maintaining physical social distance from our loved ones and the many other reasons our country has been divided, this past year has presented us with seemingly endless division.
While the state of things aren’t magically “better”, they are improving and we’re making it through to the other side as a community. One way we can begin to heal as a whole is by coming together through KINDNESS. Committing to being kind to ourselves, families, coworkers, and strangers.
Ruben Digital is constantly looking for ways to better ourselves through our daily actions. We’re proud to be aligned with clients that have similar ideals at the heart of their businesses.
Let’s take a look at how our clients and the RD team are celebrating all that February has to offer…
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Valentine’s Day may be over, BUT doing acts of kindness most certainly is not! This means kindness not only to others, but also towards ourselves. Use these DIY home kindness ideas as inspiration to spread kindness within your home and community.

📽️ Fun idea: Keep the good vibes rolling by having a movie night with your friends and family (this can be done virtually as well). Not sure what to watch? Check out Checkexpress 2021 must watch list!

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Be kind to your heart and body by taking on this 6-week fitness challenge! Total Impact’s Fitness Kickboxing Challenge gives you the opportunity to train at their socially distanced dojo, or from the comfort of your own home. Make healthy changes now to invest in your heart health for the rest of your life!

💪 What can we do to combat cardiovascular disease and other heart related illnesses? Live a healthy lifestyle! Heart disease is often preventable and some heart conditions are reversible. Sign up today!

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Are you feeling disconnected with yourself? Or are you craving a stronger connection with your partner? We have the perfect opportunity for you…

Singles: The mission of Enlightened Way New Day’s “Journey Back to Heart” series of self-reflective and interactive workshops is to help participants gain greater insight into living authentic lives, with purpose, joy and heart-centered intent. These topics can be explored in a group setting or as individual coaching opportunities.

Couples: Are you willing to do the work of rebooting the eight important aspects within a healthy relationship? Introducing “A New Day Relationship Reboot”! This course has an initial relationship assessment, 10 specific modules that have video teachings, including best tips and techniques to overcome the challenges of that aspect of a relationship and some designed activities to actually practice with the knowledge gained.

Transform your life from the inside out and heal your heart with Steve and Cella Hartline!

✨ Bonus: Follow their Instagram for colorful thoughts of the day and inspirational quotes!

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Heart disease is a very serious silent killer in the United States. According to the CDC, one person dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease. About 655,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. Fortunately, with the right medical team on your side this can be prevented. You don’t need to face your condition alone. Cardiac rehab is a team effort.

Did you know that The Selfhelp Home is now offering a Heart Health Rehabilitation Program at their Health & Rehabilitation Center? They have collaborated with respected cardiologist, Dr. Joel Okner, to offer a comprehensive program…

💌 Send a HappyGram to the residents at The Selfhelp Home to brighten their day!

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

During 2020, you might have noticed the family den looks drab and gloomy. Is your kitchen feeling small and outdated? The children have started to outgrow their room decor? Most people have noticed problems areas in their home throughout the pandemic and are antsy to give their house a makeover! We have an exciting adventure for you…

Show your home some love in 2021 with Tom Len Custom Home’s luxury home remodeling trends for the new year! Not sure where to start? Browse Tom Len’s project gallery for beautiful design inspiration.

💡 Pro tip: Keep your family safe and prepared for renovations with this helpful guide!

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

“The greatest gift to yourself and others is to live life authentically.” – Sue Paige, Founder

Pathways mission is to empower people to create more enriched, successful, and fulfilled lives by teaching Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools that can transform individuals and their relationships.

For over 3 decades, Pathways has been facilitating transformative experiences that have led to lasting personal and professional growth in thousands of people. Whether you’d like to improve your relationship with yourself, family, friends, coworkers, or romantic connections, they have a program for you!

💻 Learn about their Basic, Couples, and Business Training courses. Take advantage of their virtual offerings…

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

Have you recently broken up with your label printer? Are you on the search for a new printing service? Look no further than M&R Label in Chicago!

When it’s time to choose a professional label printing partner, there is much to consider. Not only are there countless options of companies you can work with, but there’s also specific criteria to keep in mind during your search!

🔎M&R Label shares what you should look for when choosing a new label printing partner (and why they more than exceed expectations in every category).

Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

During the rapid digital transformation for businesses across the globe, SMB’s have proven to be able to adapt quickly and successfully. Do you feel as if your business is still behind the competition? Does your remote team need a better way to stay in touch?

Computers Nationwide is happy to lead the way! One of their favorite must-have tools for all SMB’s – especially during these times of remote work – is Microsoft Teams!

💬 Learn why you’ll love using Microsoft Teams to keep your people connected…

How the Ruben Digital Team is Filling Their Lives with Kindness
🏂 Nate: My wife and I have started our own tradition of traveling (safely) to Colorado every year on my birthday! It’s become a special tradition to remind us of our many blessings. I love snowboarding. We take this time to recharge and bring back this loving energy to all we encounter!
One way that I like to give back to the community is by speaking at schools, teaching students about entrepreneurship and web design. Since in-person visits are prohibited during the pandemic, I’ve been able to work around this by virtually teaching the students via Zoom!
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
🐱 Hannah: This past month I’ve been caring for a family member that’s been facing cancer. Our neighbors have shown us kindness by making soup and helping shovel our driveway! Friends and family (and even a few awesome clients) have donated to our meal fund during this time. We are very grateful for everyone’s support!
As you know I love animals. Every month I donate to an animal shelter or rescue, here are a few of my favorites: Windy Kitty Cat Cafe, Heartland Animal Shelter, Chicago Cat Rescue, and C.A.R.E. Northshore!
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us 9
⛄ Ynez: Since the start of 2021, our family has decided to find ways to stay connected to each other and our community through acts of kindness. We are spreading kindness within our home by changing our perspective on challenging situations. When the weather is gloomy and there’s lots of snow outside, we say positive things like “who’s excited about a snow day!” Instead of negative statements like “oh no, more snow”.
We’ve been enjoying small activities like shoveling our elderly neighbor’s walkways and sidewalks. This is a way we show love without violating social distancing rules. It gives us opportunities to be of service to our neighbors and allows us to stay physically active during the winter months!
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital
Celebrate Kindness Month with Us! Ruben Digital

“Kindness is the most important tool to spread love among humanity.” – RAKtivist

Take some kindness for yourself and pass it around!

We hope that these acts of kindness inspire you to spread some of your own!
💬 Do you have ideas on how to show kindness in 2021? We’d love to hear them!
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