Feeling Grateful This Holiday Season

🍂 Feeling Grateful… 
November is the month of gratitude and we all have a lot to be grateful for! The holidays are always a time of reflection at Ruben Digital and we wanted to take a moment to give thanks. In 2021, we’ve been blessed to welcome new clients and a new team member, Denton.
What a year of business development! Our team has spent the last few weeks finishing up our beginning of the year planning for 2022. One awesome change this led to was the vibrant revamp of our team page! We enjoyed brightening up our website with pictures of our team members that matched their fantastic energy.
Are you currently working on your Q1 2022 plan? Use the helpful tips in our business strategy planning blog to close out 2021 strong and propel your SMB forward into the new year!


Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital

🙏 Moments of Gratitude
As a family business, traditions mean a lot to our team members. This month we asked everyone to share a happy memory or favorite tradition they are grateful for…
Nate: “Growing up, I loved going to Cincinnati to see my cousins. We would play football, walk around the mall, go to the movies. I also loved going for a ride with my grandparents in their convertible! Very classic American experience!”
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
Ynez: “Being together is our favorite tradition! We all gather around in the dining room and share one thing we are grateful for before eating. It’s our special way of acknowledging gratitude for each other and the experiences from the year. We also balance out our favorite holiday meals with a healthy autumn juice that I make every year.”
😋 Ynez’s “Beet the Autumn Blues” Juice Recipe
  • ¼ cup Grapes
  • 1 Large Beet
  • Handful of Chocolate Mint
  • ½ Gala Apples
  • ½ Yellow Gourmet Carrots
  • ¼ cup Ginger
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
Hannah: “I’ve always had a sweet tooth. As I got older, I needed to start eating gluten-free, so now my mom and I order a gluten-free pecan pie from Sweet Ali’s every year! Before our holiday meal, we walk around our neighborhood and enjoy the colorful autumn leaves.”
Denton: “Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and gratitude. My family has a large feast, complete with baked mac and cheese, honey baked ham, candied yams, and collard greens – that good southern soul food! Early morning bike rides down the Neuse River Greenway trail have become one of my favorite Raleigh rituals. The quiet, tranquil walks on this trail are even more picturesque now that the leaves are changing colors.”
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
🤗 Giving Back with Loved Ones

Keeping with the RD tradition of giving back to the community during the holiday season, Nate and his wife Te’Asia recently connected with JUF Chicago to take part in their Feed Chicago 2021 project.

They spent the afternoon at the Greater Chicago Food Depository preparing potatoes for distribution to families in need of food. They enjoyed meeting their fellow volunteers and said the experience was filled with joy and laughter!

Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
☃️ Need Some Holiday Tips?
Holiday Indulgences Without the Guilt!

It’s that time of year when savory meals and decadent treats are in abundance. Our friend Jacqueline from TasteOverTime shares a delicious dessert that will complement your holiday dinners without packing on the calories. Try this Ooey Chewy Chocolate Bar recipe!

Protect Your Workplace This Holiday Season…

While November is known as the month of gratitude as Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s also home to Infrastructure Security Month! Learn how our friends at Computers Nationwide can help you protect your SMB with physical security during the holiday season.

‘Tis the Season for Home Decor Inspo!

Is your home in need of some elegant, cheerful home decor? Take your home’s interior design to the next level this holiday season with Tom Len Custom Homes Pinterest boards!

The Holidays Can Be Stressful…

Trying to keep your anxiety stress levels at a minimum? Or are you feeling uninspired and bored lately? IBZ Coaching shares strategies for feeling energized and renewed during the holiday season.

Boost Seasonal Product Sales with Impressive Labels!

Are your seasonal packages and product labels prepped for holiday sales? The professionals at M&R Label can help you package your products effectively this holiday season!

👏 Clients Share Their Gratitude for Our Work!
Ruben Digital thrives on creating meaningful connections with our clients. Guiding businesses in our community through the process of their business marketing strategy and development is an honor. We love sharing their positive words! Here are a few recent 5-star testimonials that stood out this quarter…

Beth Deiter, C.I.T.Y. of Support: “Last year, Nate listened to our goals for C.I.T.Y. of Support and came up with a website that blew away our expectations. As a non-profit, we were cautious taking the risk. I am so glad we did! Our organization has grown tremendously over the last year and I am glad we partnered with Ruben Digital.”

Ron Roberti, Resource Commercial Advisors: “I am thrilled with our new website. RCA (Resource Commercial Advisors) does so many things well for our clients, and now it is easy to showcase these capabilities to our clients. Nate did a great job!”

Eric Levine, Midwest Goalie Academy: “With the help of Nate and his team, we have the capability to shift all our transactions, sign up forms, communication, and general info to a fully online platform. The amount of personalization and custom options Nate offers his clients is unparalleled and makes our website a one of a kind work of art.”

“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.”
– Kristin Armstrong

Looking for ways to give back this holiday season?
Feeling Grateful This November - Ruben Digital
🦃 As families return home to their loved ones this holiday season, all of us at Ruben Digital wish you a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!
We’re grateful for our wonderful community!
💬 What are your holiday plans? We’d love to hear about it!
Feel free to send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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