A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

With our world on edge and people anxious as ever, below are a few helpful tips and resources I thought I’d share with our clients and extended network:

1. Slow Down and Handle Tasks One at a Time

Many people and business are currently in uncharted¬†waters with the ongoing world health pandemic. It’s important to remember that most of the things we need to do are not as urgent as we feel and can be handled tactfully and gracefully. Anxiety and multi-tasking can lead to:

  1. Missing Key Details
  2. Increased Stress and Reduced Effectiveness
  3. Increased Fatigue and Reduced Immunity
  4. Tension, Anger, and Frustration with others

To overcome this challenge on a personal level, I’ve attached two of my favorite guided meditations below:

2. Find a charity to support

A commonly repeated statistic during the election cycle was “most Americans cannot afford to pay an unexpected $500 bill”. While many people are scared and looking to the government to “fix this”, the reality is there are so many great charities/non-profits doing excellent work in our community right now. I encourage you to find a few to support during this crisis, and if you need some suggestions, we have many worthy clients and partners in our network.

A few great organizations to “give back” in Chicago include:

3. Learn New Video Technology

Many companies already have online meeting platforms in place, but are you actively using one with your clients? We have two excellent solutions we think you’ll love:

  • Zoom – Zoom makes it easy to learn and excel at online conferencing. They have a great FREE intro plan, and their paid plans have excellent features. We use Zoom to screenshare, record, and even film videos for client testimonial videos.
  • VideoAsk – VideoAsk is an easy, intuitive way to have quick dialogues with your customers and network. Ask questions via video, and your recipients can respond with video, audio, or text!

At Ruben Digital, we can help you set up any of these accounts!

4. Collaborate with Other Business Leaders

Our business coach and friend PJ Weiland is hosting a Pandemic Webinar today to help business owners navigate today’s climate and get prepared.

Pandemic Business Checklist – Monday, March 16 from 3 :00 to 4:00 PM CT via Zoom
  • PJ will share with you critical key points to stay proactive in your business while our economy is experiencing a pandemic crisis.
  • PJ has over 20 vital points to share with you, ranging from Downsizing to Growth; Awareness to Action, a full scope of impactful information that will help you to remain proactive while quickly adapting and pivoting in your business.

Register here!

5. Make Time For Family!

In the midst of all the chaos, last night I took my girlfriend out and proposed… She said yes! I am grateful for all the love and support I have received from our community and want to spread this ripple of love!

A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!
A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!
If you or your organization are looking for consulting, design, or active marketing services, feel free to reach out directly and I would be happy to schedule a call to learn more!
Wishing you a safe and anxiety-free “social distancing”!
Nate Ruben & The Ruben Digital Team!

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