Sage Summit 2016 Chicago - Ruben Digital Media Event Recap

Sage Summit 2016: A Smashing Success in Chicago!


By Nate Ruben

“Purpose comes from two ways: You are incredibly driven and you just know it… or from pain.”
Robert Herjavec

Pain acted as my motivating force. Prior to launching Ruben Digital Media, I worked many low-wage, low-skill labor jobs, struggling to find my path. When I finally had enough, I decided to follow my passion for connecting people through business and media. Going strong after more than two years, RDM continues to look for opportunities to learn and grow our client offerings. Fortunately, a friend of mine got me a VIP Startup code to attend Sage Summit last week, and it was a game-changer.

According to Sage, the Sage Summit “is a one-of-a-kind learning, training, and networking event where you can hear from celebrity speakers and dynamic thought leaders.” I’ve read some great event recaps that focused on the tremendous keynote speakers and overall atmosphere of the week. I particularly enjoyed what Sandy Abrams and Janice Gordon wrote. I encourage you to read their posts. But I want to focus on the following:

  1. Sage’s Focus on Supporting Business Growth

  2. Sage’s Commitment to the “Giving Economy”

  3. How the Sage Summit Changed my Vision for Ruben Digital Media

Sage’s Focus on Supporting Business Growth

Before attending the Sage Summit, I knew nothing at all about Sage. I had read about the event coming up and thought that the keynote speakers sounded cool, but had doubts as to the actual benefits outside of motivation. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only does Sage offer a complete product line focused on enhancing the efficiency of business operations, but they are built with a segmentation designed to fit any size business with a platform to scale. I attended an info session on Social Media Branding and Selling led by Executive Vice President Product Management Nick Goode and Gemma Price, Founder of Superfood Market. They were both engaging and provided valuable information on how a business of any size can leverage social media to sell more product today. The coolest part: I was live Tweeting and Instagram-ing with Nick as it went on, and he paused his lecture to recognize me in the crowd. Great engagement, Nick!

Sage Summit Chicago 2016 - Nate Ruben - Live with Nick Goode and Gemma PriceSage’s Commitment to the “Giving Economy”

Let me start by saying thank you to whoever coined this phrase! Business people often have to overcome the stereotype of being greedy, slimy, and all-around conniving (see Gordon Gekko). Luckily today, there is a much higher value being placed on creating businesses that set out to fulfill needs and perform a level of good for society. My favorite example of this mentality is Miki Agrawal, serial entrepreneur and author of “Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After.” The info session I attended with her was my favorite by far! From a marketing perspective, she provided great insights on how to brand and sell unique products that society hasn’t even realized they need. But on a deep, spiritual, purpose-of-life vibe, she is a living embodiment of “doing cool shit” on a daily basis. The products she has helped bring to life and to market continue to affect large numbers of people. She is a true entrepreneur at the core and an amazing woman. Take some time to learn more about Miki Agrawal today!

Sage Summit Chicago 2016 - Nate Ruben and Miki Agrawal

How the Sage Summit Changed my Vision for Ruben Digital Media

“At Ruben Digital Media, our mission is to grow into an internationally recognized brand with a community feel. We are cultivating an interactive community of small businesses, media talent, and rising stars co-existing in a global world.”

When my team and I wrote our mission statement, we aimed high. After attending the Sage Summit, I have even more confidence in our mission. In fact, my vision for how to “carry out” the mission is much clearer. I’ve attended many tech and networking conferences. However, Sage’s unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit and business tools created the ultimate playground for creative energy. I feel tremendous gratitude for the guys with The Startup Van for interviewing me about Ruben Digital Media. Graham and Mark took great interest in our family-based startup, and I am excited to view the edited footage. I checked out their video gallery and was flabbergasted to find they hosted Gary Vaynerchuk for an episode of the #AskGaryVee show. Legendary!

Sage Summit Chicago 2016 - Nate Ruben and Startup Van Graham and Mark

Where do we go from here? Fortunately, I know have some time to process such a life-changing experience. Headed for a week of meditation and yoga, I am excited for the opportunity to reconnect with my purpose. Upon my return, it is go-time to implement some incredible partnership opportunities at Ruben Digital Media. We are pivoting to offer clients a much clearer, solution-focused set of services. As Gary Vee recently said, “August is the time to completely get in the zone.” Let’s make this a great month!

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