Ruben Digital - Nate Ruben - Nashville - FREE RD Cannabis Offer

FREE RD Cannabis Offer: Valid April 1st Only!

 Happy April Fools Day! Sorry, no cannabis here… RD’s Highlights from March… Fun on the Road Nate and Hannah created wonderful memories on a “Spring Break” road trip with their dad traveling to Nashville, TN and Columbia, SC. They ate delicious food, explored the cities, practiced yoga, worked out, and connected with old friends. Enjoying beautiful…
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Your Guide to Handling the Mystical Internet Troll - Ruben Digital

Your Guide to Handling the Mystical Internet Troll

Let’s talk about a complex creature: internet trolls. Trolling is something that can be all fun & games if done light-hardheartedly in a private setting OR it can be an absolute nightmare if done in public for everyone to see. Let’s elaborate: A fun setting may be messing with your friends or family via text just…
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Inside Ruben Digital's New Website & Company Innovations

Ruben Digital’s New Website & Company Innovations

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang As months of hard work have lead to the relaunch of our website, we can’t help but reflect on how far our company has grown in terms of skill, client-base and team members. Nate started Ruben Digital in July of 2014. Within those…
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Blue1647 Unveils Chicago's New Innovative Coworking Space - Ruben Digital

Blue1647 Unveils Chicago’s New Innovative Coworking Space

Blue Lacuna Event Recap – July 13, 2017 The Ruben Digital team had a fantastic opportunity this past Thursday as we witnessed Blue1647’s launch of Blue Lacuna. Dozens of people joined in to hear Blue1647’s plans for the future, and how they want to use Blue Lacuna’s space & member network to reach youth, entrepreneurs…
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Ruben Digital - Community - Public Speaking

Inspiring Chicago Tech Academy Students to Begin their Tech Career

By: Angela Schiavon Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany our founder, Nate Ruben, at ChiTECH Ideas Day hosted by Chicago Tech Academy High School. ChiTECH Ideas Day was an extraordinary event that showcased successful people from many different career fields coming together to inspire students to achieve their dreams and give back…
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5 Easy Steps for Your 24 hour Digital Tech Detox - Ruben Digital

5 Easy Steps for Your 24-Hour Digital Tech Detox

By: Michelle Ruben Summer weather is fast approaching. While kids are out riding their bikes around the neighborhood, playing baseball and laughing, most of the adults are checking their mobile phones, sending emails while sitting in the stands, and checking in with social media while they lay awake at bedtime because they are on digital…
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Chicago Tech Scene Continues to Thrive this Spring - Ruben Digital Media

Chicago Tech Scene Continues to Thrive this Spring

By Hannah Ruben Chicago has rapidly grown into one of the top 10 tech hubs in the world. This comes as no surprise as the Windy City is flourishing with an abundance of resources for the startup community. Our city is home to a rich,  innovative culture and plethora of opportunities for techies. Between coding schools, top industry influencers, comprehensive university…
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Tech Innovations Make Life Easier For People With Disabilities

Tech Innovations Make Life Easier For People With Disabilities

Designing for Disabilities: Ruben Digital Media Explores the Latest Tech At RDM, we get really excited when life-changing tech innovations emerge. While everyone is still waiting for flying cars, today we are celebrating amazing technological innovations that are designed for people living with disabilities. These cool gadgets present an opportunity to enhance the lives and experience…
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RDM Presents - #CHITECH2.0 - Black Tech Mecca - Event Recap

#ChiTech 2.0: Black Tech Mecca Event Recap

By: Nate Ruben Welcome To The Mecca: Black Tech Mecca Celebrates Successful First Year! Black Tech Mecca has a vision: “To Transform Chicago into the ‘Global Black Tech Mecca’!” What some of you may be wondering is what exactly does that mean? To me, it means BTM is combining Chicago’s greatest assets and opportunities in…
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Best Summer Apps

These Apps Will Make This Your Best Summer Yet

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RDM App Guide: Summer 2016 This summer, ditch the typical “avoid technology” mentality and start taking advantage of the possibilities at your fingertips! While many people fear that technology has taken over our lives, it can actually help enhance the overall quality of life. It seems there is a mobile app for everything from photo…
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