Feeling Grateful This Holiday Season

ūüćā Feeling Grateful…¬† November is the month of gratitude and we all have a lot to be grateful for! The holidays are always a time of reflection at Ruben Digital and we wanted to take a moment to give thanks. In 2021, we’ve been blessed to welcome new clients and a new team member, Denton.…
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Brewing Brighter Futures for Union League Boys & Girls Clubs - Ruben Digital

Brewing Brighter Futures for the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

Ruben Digital is proud to be a sponsor of the Union League Boys & Girls Club’s annual Brewing Brighter Futures event for two consecutive years! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs has made the difficult decision to turn this year’s Brewing Brighter Futures into a virtual event. “But…
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Thank you for six incredible years - Ruben Digital celebrates six year anniversary

Ruben Digital Celebrates Six Years!

Our 6-year journey and what we are contemplating in year seven! Last night my phone died before I went to sleep. I had a choice to make; put the phone on the charger overnight, or go to sleep and charge it in the morning. I chose the latter, and I am ever grateful for this…
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A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

A Message of Love From Ruben Digital!

With our world on edge and people anxious as ever, below are a few helpful tips and resources I thought I’d share with our clients and extended network: 1. Slow Down and Handle Tasks One at a Time Many people and business are currently in uncharted¬†waters with the ongoing world health pandemic. It’s important to…
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G.E.T.M.O: The Secret to Effective Leadership...

G.E.T.M.O: The Secret to Effective Leadership…

You might be wondering: What is ‚ÄúG.E.T.M.O.‚ÄĚ? Good Enough To Move On Michelle attended The Global Leadership Summit 2019 in August. The co-founder of this inspirational conference, Craig Groeschel, spoke about how business leaders have the ability to bend the curve and step into more effective leadership. Wisdom, humor and useful tools were shared to…
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Ruben Digital - Reflecting on 2018 with Our Favorite Moments & Growth Opportunities

Reflecting on 2018 with Our Favorite Moments & Growth Opportunities

‚ÄúOur biggest successes are born out of discomfort, uncertainty, and risk.‚Ä̬†– Gary John Bishop As the year has come to an end, our team takes time for reflecting on 2018. The exciting moments and the learning moments. Our successes and our opportunities for growth. Back in January we all set goals both personally and professionally.…
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Giving Back Creates Deeper Community Connections - Ruben Digital

Giving Back Creates Deeper Community Connections

December inspires us to reflect back on 2017 and begin goal-setting for 2018. ¬†Social responsibility is a core value at Ruben Digital. As a family run business, we find that volunteering in our community is a wonderful way for us to spend time together. Individually it opens the door to personal and professional growth. Did…
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Inside Ruben Digital's New Website & Company Innovations

Ruben Digital’s New Website & Company Innovations

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang As months of hard work have lead to the relaunch of our website, we can’t help but reflect on how far our company has grown in terms of skill, client-base and team members. Nate started Ruben Digital in July of 2014. Within those…
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Ruben Digital - Community - Public Speaking

Inspiring Chicago Tech Academy Students to Begin their Tech Career

By: Angela Schiavon Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany our founder, Nate Ruben, at ChiTECH Ideas Day hosted by Chicago Tech Academy High School. ChiTECH Ideas Day was an extraordinary event that showcased successful people from many different career fields coming together to inspire students to achieve their dreams and give back…
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Chicago Tech Scene Continues to Thrive this Spring - Ruben Digital Media

Chicago Tech Scene Continues to Thrive this Spring

By Hannah Ruben Chicago has rapidly grown into one of the top 10 tech hubs in the world.¬†This comes as no surprise¬†as the Windy City is flourishing with an abundance of resources for the startup community. Our city¬†is home to a rich, ¬†innovative culture and plethora of opportunities¬†for techies. Between coding schools, top¬†industry¬†influencers, comprehensive university…
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