SBAC Reminds Us: Don't Forget to Take Credit for Advocacy Wins! Ruben Digital

SBAC Reminds Us: Don’t Forget to Take Credit for Advocacy Wins!

Ruben Digital proudly became a member of the SBAC (Small Business Advocacy Council) in 2018. This organization is a non-partisan, member driven organization that promotes the success of small business through political advocacy, support services and educational programs.
A few ways we’ve been active in the SBAC:
  • The SBAC joined us at our first educational event! They had a table at our Bridging the Gap social media event in October.
  • RD hosted the SBAC’s annual holiday party at our shared office space at MakeOffices in Chicago!
  • Nate is a member of the Young Professionals Executive board and helps plan events through the year. This group is always searching for new young members to join!
SBAC is the voice of small business and your support is the key to our success. Our non-partisan advocacy agenda focuses on initiatives to promote a functional government, level the playing field for small businesses and encourage economic development.”
SBAC Weekly Talking Points
We wanted to share the SBAC’s latest newsletter: Don’t Forget to Take Credit for Advocacy Wins!
Happy New Year! As everyone looks forward to a productive 2019, it’s important to take the time to reflect on all that we achieved. Because of your passion, advocacy and resources the SBAC continues to make a real different for small business owners in Illinois. Some of our victories include:
  • After advancing legislation to lower some of the most expensive LLC fees in the nation, new LLC filings are up 66% in Illinois.
  • Drafting and working side by side with legislators to  pass a bill directing state agencies to assess the impact new regulations will have on the small business
  • community and provide small business owners the ability to weigh in.
  • Facilitating a procedural change to eliminate the need for business owners to attend administrative hearings when responding to certain city ordinance violations.
  • Removing  obstacles to economic development for establishments serving incidental alcohol across the state.
  • Simplifying and clarifying Chicago on-premise sign code.
  • Reducing the time it takes to obtain a city of Chicago public way use permit, sometimes from 90 to 30 days.
  • Helping to ease restrictions on home-based businesses in Chicago.
  • Paving the way for increased access to intrastate equity crowdfunding.
  • Partnering with community leaders to address the economic impact of substance abuse disorder epidemic.
  • Building momentum on the fight to end gerrymandering.
Be proud of these wins and share them with your clients! A more detailed rundown will be available for your reference, but in the meantime, checkout the website for more information on what we achieved in 2018.

Why celebrate wins?

In our busy, “on-to-the-next thing” culture, many organizations don’t take the time to acknowledge or celebrate achievements. Whether a stepping stone or a milestone, every victory counts. It’s vital for leaders to take the time to honor successes. Why? A few reasons: Saying “Job well done!” to your team can go a long way in terms of employee morale, it reinforces that a goal was accomplished = progress as a company, and it motivates the organization to keep up the good work! If we don’t take the time to celebrate our accomplishments, then why bother? Life is for celebrating – and yes, that means in business too.
What wins did you celebrate in 2018?
What goals has your organization set for 2019?

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