Ruben Digital - Reflecting on 2018 with Our Favorite Moments & Growth Opportunities

Reflecting on 2018 with Our Favorite Moments & Growth Opportunities

“Our biggest successes are born out of discomfort, uncertainty, and risk.” – Gary John Bishop

As the year has come to an end, our team takes time for reflecting on 2018. The exciting moments and the learning moments. Our successes and our opportunities for growth. Back in January we all set goals both personally and professionally. Some of these goals we achieved with flying colors…and others were forgotten. Team members, clients, our network, business tools and lots more has changed throughout the year. Action words such as adapt, celebrate, innovation and flexibility keep us moving forward! Nate recently shared his Nate of the Union Address video that sums things up nicely.

Preparing for 2019, we reflect on what a roller coaster of a year it has been! Time to countdown RD’s top moments from 2018…
1. We said goodbye to “Media” and changed our name to Ruben Digital. Fresh and limitless!
2. RD’s NEW website launched!
3. Basket Giveaway to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, such a fun way to say thank you to the community.
4. We joined SBAC, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, & NAWBO.
5. Nate graduated Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.
6. We hosted our first educational event: Bridging the Gap. It was a success and so much fun!
Growth Opportunities: Every business experiences challenges through the year – fortunately these moments have taught us a lot and made us stronger as a company! Here are a few ways we’ve grown this year…

1. Personnel Changes: We started the year with one team and are ending the year with a very different team…and that’s ok! Life is full of uncertainty and being able to adapt is a vital strength for survival!

2. Client Relationships: We are very grateful for all the businesses we’ve had the opportunity to serve! Over time, both the client’s needs as well are our needs as a provider change, thus we’ve parted ways with a few long time clients – however we’ve also been blessed to welcome many new clients!

3. Expanding Locations: As you know, Nate moved to the city in August and began working out of MakeOffices in River North. Also, we’ve been collaborating virtually with our team. This has taught us to utilize efficient technologies such as Monday, Slack, & Zoom to communicate effectively!

Social Responsibility: We continue to improve our social footprint to make a real difference in this world. Working together makes everything better and brighter! Special shoutout to the following organizations Ruben Digital has helped this year:

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve wonderful clients, expand our network to help connect great people with other people and continue building relationships with the community!

As a reminder, Ruben Digital will be closed from Christmas Eve (12/24/18) through New Year’s Day (1/1/19) so we may enjoy time with our families, friends and work on our own self-care. Wishing you peaceful, joyful and healthy days ahead…

“Blood, sweat and respect. The first two you give, last one you earn.”
– Dwayne Johnson

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