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Aligning Your Company’s Business Goals with Charitable Efforts

Ruben Digital strongly advocates building genuine community relationships. We’re passionate about giving back to organizations that are making a difference in our world – whether that be educational efforts or fulfilling the basic human needs of others. Social responsibility is one of our core values. Aligning our company’s mission with others who are committed to doing good results in many rewarding experiences! Creating powerful emotional bonds with our partners, clients, and community opens the door to personal and professional growth. Choosing to get involved with particular nonprofit or several organizations expands a team’s network and is good for business! Plus, volunteering at events often fosters conversations that generate leads, recruitment and new friendships.

Our previous blog Giving Back Creates Deeper Community Connections shares how philanthropy is integrated throughout the year at Ruben Digital. We align ourselves with Northbrook Rotary, Black Tech Mecca, re:work training, Hunger Resource Network, Northbrook Chamber of Commerce, Blue 1647, Paige & PaxtonPathways, D214, CompTIA, and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Some contributions are monetary but most of them are hands-on through events and spreading the message on social media.

Choosing the types of nonprofits or charity organizations that speak to your company is as personal as your branding. Whether it’s a local grassroots movement or a global initiative, all nonprofits need the support of caring and generous individuals.

Ask yourself the following questions while researching your charitable effort:

  • How do you want to give and support (time, money or both)?
  • Does the organization align with what products/services that you offer as a business?
  • Is there a personal connection to the cause?
  • Which organizations address a social problem that is relevant to your community?
  • Are there opportunities for employees to volunteer?
  • Is this an organization that is authentic and transparent (Do they share your organization’s integrity and values)?

The RD team strives to improve our positive social footprint as we have a responsibility to make a real difference in this world. When we align ourselves with organizations that are trustworthy, accountable and transparent, the shared experience with others is a win-win in addition to the impact their work makes on others!

If this is new for your organization, start small. Find one or two charitable causes and begin improving your community connection. is an extremely helpful resource. As a business, we don’t just want to turn a profit – we want to use our skills and reputation in the community to make a positive impact.

“Service to to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Muhammad Ali

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