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Slay Your Email Marketing Campaign With These 10 Best Strategies

Brands and businesses want their email marketing campaigns to deliver the highest click rate possible when sending out their message. Goals are to increase revenue and improve customer acquisition. We strive to create the perfect subject lines each and every time. We want content to be engaging and spot on. Next comes formatting the email layout for all of this rich content.

Our email marketing wiz, Hannah Ruben, shares some tips that she follows for creating effective email campaigns:

  1. Keep It Simple and Concise: Subscribers have short attention spans and limited time. Email length is most effective when it is short and creates valuable content.
  2. Mobile Responsive: Mobile is the future. 55% of all emails are opened on a smartphone. Businesses operating with a growth mindset must understand that mobile accessibility is key. Guidelines will shape emails to become easier to read and to interact more effectively with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices over time.
  3. Choose Colors Wisely: The psychology of color in email marketing directly affects the success of your marketing strategy and efforts. Leveraging the right colors to evoke the desired emotions has been used successfully throughout the decades in advertising.
  4. Clickable Links: There are many things to looks out for but most important are your links clearly labeled and easy to identify?
  5. Time: Send at the perfect time and day for your particular audience.
  6. Consistency: Send emails at regular and consistent intervals (weekly, monthly).
  7. Branding: Create a design template for so readers become used to your branding.
  8. Personal: Send the email from a real person’s name, not a business: Talk to each subscriber individually and use a personal tone inside the email.
  9. Grab Attention: Catchy subject line that is direct and to the point.
  10. Goal: Close with a call to action to elicit certain behavior from the reader which connects back to your specific goal for the email.

Email marketing is alive and thriving. Business owners must be open to adapt their email marketing campaigns if they want to continue growing their business & staying relevant in this era of short attention spans. Remember, winning campaigns consist of short and simple layouts rich with valuable content. Running your business takes a lot of hours, integrate more time back into your day by allowing Ruben Digital execute your email marketing campaign and learn about the other services we offer!

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