Ruben Digital - The Next Chapter: Ruben Digital

The Next Chapter: Ruben Digital

Your favorite family business has exciting news to share! We’ve officially changed our name to Ruben Digital (goodbye “Media”, it’s been real). Our founder Nate has big plans for the direction of Ruben Digital and this is just the beginning. The name change was inevitable for several reasons, most importantly…

  • Clients and business associates find that spelling/saying “Ruben Digital Media” is just too long, so they often shorten our name when speaking: Ruben Media, Ruben Digital, Ruben, etc. Transitioning to “Ruben Digital” is simple and keeps everyone on the same page!
  • Eliminating the word “Media” opens doors for new projects and partnerships. This will allow our business to take on new opportunities and spread our wings!

Many people resist change, but we assure you this is a positive step into the next chapter for Ruben Digital. Our team is very excited as we anticipate 2018 to be a significant year for the company’s growth. We look forward to bringing Ruben Digital’s areas of progress into our clients’ projects, helping them succeed in their endeavors as well.

Setting Goals for 2018: Evolving as a Team - Ruben Digital

Thank you for cheering us on through this exciting journey and we look forward to seeing how these transitions will benefit our community as a whole!

Read the official press release written by our fabulous PR Director, Hannah.
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