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Blue1647 Unveils Chicago’s New Innovative Coworking Space


Blue Lacuna Event Recap – July 13, 2017

The Ruben Digital team had a fantastic opportunity this past Thursday as we witnessed Blue1647’s launch of Blue Lacuna. Dozens of people joined in to hear Blue1647’s plans for the future, and how they want to use Blue Lacuna’s space & member network to reach youth, entrepreneurs and businesses in Chicago. This organization plans on making a positive impact on the future of Chicago.

Blue1647 is a an entrepreneurship center that fosters economic and technological development through people by hosting classes, workshops and events. Their number one goal is to have professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to come together and create a better future for the communities around Chicago and worldwide. A few of the many companies that Blue1647 have partnered with are: Groupon, Techweek, Depaul University, and Kiva.

Ruben Digital arrived at the Lacuna Lofts of Chicago around 6:30 PM just before the speakers of Blue1647 were introduced: CEO and Founder Emile Cambry Jr and Sr. Advisor Tracey Powell. One by one they each spoke about their adoration for the Windy City, how and why they joined Blue1647 and their plans for the future. Among several plans was a very exciting announcement: Google has partnered with Blue1647 for their STEM projects and will be donating $500,000 within a two year period!

The grant will be used for Blue1647’s organizations which include but not limited to, Latina Girls Code and Paige and Paxton. Their intent is to help young people under the age of 8. The donation is by far the most the company has received but it will be put in use to help others who may not have the means or funds to achieve their dream career.

Overall, our team enjoyed the exciting event, mingling with other entrepreneurs and even meeting the Blue1647 team. After the introduction we had the opportunity to explore the building, taking notice of the beautiful art, the numerous rhino statues, and of course the inspirational quotes which further fueled our motivation!

Blue1647 Unveils Chicago’s New Innovative Coworking Space - Ruben Digital Media

Here’s what the Ruben Digital team has to say about the event:

Nate Ruben, Founder: “I’ve always enjoyed the energy at Lacuna Artists Lofts since the first event I attended there. Watching Blue1647 grow to partner with Lacuna has been amazing. Last Thursday’s event was a great display of what entrepreneurs create with hard work and persistence. I am excited for Ruben Digital to get involved with Blue1647 and help spread the word about Blue Lacuna!

Hannah Ruben, Director of Social Media & Public Relations: “It was very exciting to hear Emile speak so passionately about the work Blue1647 is doing and how it will impact Chicago’s youth. Walking around Lacuna Lofts was very cool, it’s such a creatively designed facility.” While at the event Hannah spread the word of Blue1647’s mission through Ruben Digital’s, FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts.

Angela Schiavon, Account Executive: “It was a tremendous experience, I really love what Blue1647 is doing for the youth of Chicago and the tech industry! With an amazing space like The Blue Lacuna as their headquarters to carry out their vision, I know that they will see nothing but success and provide an exceptional learning experience to the under-privileged youth of our city!”

Michelle Ruben, Office & Content Manager: “What great energy and support for Blue1647 and Lacuna Lofts! To be in a room with curious minds aligned with our vision for the future and sharing it with our entire Ruben Digital team was simply fantastic!

Ynez Parkinson, Social Media Consultant: “Even though the event was visually appealing, the stand out moments were the speeches. I truly enjoyed hearing about current and future plans! Definitely inspiring…”

Ina Shkembi, Social Media Intern: “The Blue1647 event was the first one I had ever been to and it did not disappoint. The energy in the room was contagious, everyone was laid back and communicating with one another. I hope they have another event soon!”

Joseph Verde, A Ruben Digital High School Intern: “The event was an eye opener for opportunities and I enjoyed how everyone cared for the betterment of one another.”

The event brought together people from all backgrounds who have one goal in mind, to bring the world together and improve opportunities in tech. At the end of the day the Ruben Digital team had a blast meeting new people, learning more about Blue1647 and of course spreading the word about our company.

Check out the gallery below!

Blue1647 Unveils Chicago's New Innovative Coworking Space - Ruben Digital

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