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5 Easy Steps for Your 24-Hour Digital Tech Detox

By: Michelle Ruben

Summer weather is fast approaching. While kids are out riding their bikes around the neighborhood, playing baseball and laughing, most of the adults are checking their mobile phones, sending emails while sitting in the stands, and checking in with social media while they lay awake at bedtime because they are on digital overload.

We live in a world where one-third of the global population has internet access. Our addiction to our tech devices, FOMO, and “dis-ease” from information overload creates more emotional and physical stresses. As a result, our family relationships become strained, personal interactions suffer and emotional intelligence gets lost which impacts our role and place in society.

As the digital ripple tears through on a global level we forget how to share, connect, smile, hug, interact face to face and breathe in this glorious planet. Is this what life is supposed to be about? Absolutely not. We agree with the folks at Digital Detox who value creating a new code of ethics and etiquette where people and nature come first, amongst everything else. They have set up various weekend digital detox retreats, corporate events and an actual camp for grownups called “Camp Grounded.”

While we would all love to take an extended digital detox, the calendar may not allow for it. So, the Ruben Digital Team encourages you to allow yourself a 24-hour digital detox.

Here are 5 easy steps to disconnect and gain the gift of reconnecting with nature’s beauty and share some laughter with those you love.
  • Make a plan: Shape your day with intention. Replace the technology temptations with healthy, fun activities. Reconnect with a friend for coffee and a walk. Plan a family bike ride.
  • Buy an alarm clock: Start your day on your own terms, not waking up to texts or new blog posts.
  • Ask for support: Give your phone or devices to a detox buddy to hold onto in case of emergency and eliminate your temptation to turn them on.
  • Move tech devices out of your bedroom. The screen light reduces melatonin production. A hormone vital for sleep.
  • Just be present and enjoy the moment. Leave Snapchat out of the conversation.

5 Easy Steps for Your 24 hour Digital Tech Detox - Ruben Digital Media

While it sounds logical, remember to first turn off all of your devices. If the day goes well, challenge yourself to keep going or at least choose to 1 idea to turn into a healthy habit going forward. Try phone stacking when your family is having dinner or if you are on a date. Keep better eye contact when speaking with a co-worker. Put your device on airplane mode while working out.

Managing tech devices responsibly provide unlimited benefits such as:

The digital tech industry continues to explode. Artificial Intelligence is popping up everywhere. Building a healthy attitude towards our digital devices keeps us connected and caring about ourselves and future generations. Let’s turn it around and start a positive ripple! Ghandi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Need more information about the importance of why you need a Digital Detox? Check out this video below by Dr. Mark Hyman.

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