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Work It: Make A Great Impact At Your Next Networking Event


By Hannah Ruben

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of representing RDM at a local networking event hosted by the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce. The  “Professional Women’s Networking Luncheon” was held at Marriott Suites in Deerfield. It was a great opportunity to meet business women in the area as well as other members in the chamber. Along with a delicious lunch, business cards were exchanged and the guest speaker Natalie Blatnick shared valuable information regarding the stages of networking.

Important concepts from “Reinvent The Way You Network” presentation…


  • Do your homework: Find out who will be attending the event. Look these people & their businesses up to become familiar with who they are and what they do.
  • Prepare: Create a list of meaningful questions to ask that will help you dive in deeper to the conversation and find out if there is potential for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Networking Presentation - Ruben Digital Media


  • Body language: Sit up straight, maintain eye contact & smile! Present yourself in a professional yet approachable fashion.
  • Put your phone down: When someone is telling you about themselves or a presenter is speaking, make sure your phone is on silent and out of sight. Phone interruptions are a conversation killer and seen as rude.


  • Connect: Don’t let those business cards go to waste! Request to connect with your new contacts on social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Follow up: The point of networking is to create valuable relationships with other businesses. Set up a meeting or send an email after the event to nurture the new relationship you’ve made.

Before leaving the event, I introduced myself to Natalie and thanked her for sharing such helpful information. She generously emailed the PowerPoint to me to share with all of you! Brush up on your networking skills and you’ll be sure to make a positive impression at your next business event!

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