BigCommerce Best Practices - Top 3 Takeaways - Event Recap

BigCommerce Best Practices: Our Top 3 Takeaways

BigCommerce Best Practices Workshop Results in Big Success!

On Tuesday, June 7th, BigCommerce held their first ever “Best Practices in Ecommerce Workshop” here in Chicago. For those of you unfamiliar with BigCommerce (or Ecommerce in general), get familiar now! As the “trend” of online shopping continues to rise, opportunity is rising as well. If you are currently selling online but do not use BigCommerce, or if you have thought about joining the Ecommerce party, here are 3 BIG reasons to consider starting your online business with BigCommerce!

BigCommerce Cares About Their Customers

It is our belief at Ruben Digital Media that the goal of any service provider is to create an incredibly positive experience for the customer. We believe you are here for a reason, and we want to help! So does BigCommerce. This event was made entirely FREE to the public! Even more, BigCommerce CEO Brent Belm kicked off the workshop by addressing key consumer trends. It was made clear from the beginning that his role is to provide a service that allows for online shop owners to sell more product than the competitors. Everything about the platform is designed to enhance the sales experience, the ultimate goal of an online shopping cart.

BigCommerce Best Practice - Brent Bellm
BigCommerce Best Practices - Event Recap Screenshot

The Mobile Payment Revolution Is Here

Mobile internet browsing has taken over. There’s very minimal debate about that. However, the biggest hassle with turning mobile browsing into mobile purchasing has been the painful checkout process. In fact, mobile conversions still lull around 1.5% vs. the desktop average of 3.4% (stats via BigCommerce). While this may look like a problem, it is actually an opportunity. BigCommerce has partnered directly with Paypal and is also working on other integrations with online wallets. Brad Brodigan, Paypal VP and GM of Retail & Mid-Market, addressed the tremendous boom in usage rates for mobile wallets. What was refreshing is that he also took a look at competitors offerings, noting their success as well. As a store owner, integrating these powerful tools directly into your site will make it easier for customers to order on the go. Just sit back and watch as conversion rates increase!

BigCommerce Best Practices - Top 3 Takeaways - Mobile Payments

Designed To Engage The Consumer

The biggest concern we have heard from online retailers is “how can I compete with Amazon?” BigCommerce has reponded. They decided to build an integration allowing retailers to list products currently on their website directly with Amazon as well. This is huge because Amazon owns 33% of the market share. Ebay owns 8%. BigCommerce plans to release integrations for both of these services, essentially opening up a new 41% of the market. This ease of access to consumers allows for store owners to customize the experience on their site, while also reaching a broader market. Talk about a win-win.

BigCommerce Best Practices - Top 3 Takeaways - Accessing Consumers

Best Practices Means More Sales

After the workshop, we feel even more confident in a platform which we already use to help our clients sell products online. RDM believes BigCommerce is committed to growth, and the technology they utilize is top notch. We encourage anyone interested in Ecommerce to check them out. Contact us so we can design your site and help you get selling!

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